New Book: Imagining the Future.

I am excited that my dissertation on the history of Assemblies of God eschatology is now available from ORU Press.

Since the Assemblies of God began in 1914, a great importance was placed on the belief in the second coming of Christ. However, in recent decades, a segment of AG ministers and educators have begun to re-examine the theological underpinnings of the denomination’s eschatology. Many of the historic expressions of eschatology are losing popularity within Pentecostal circles, particularly the long relationship with dispensational premillennialism. Through doctrinal criticism, this book provides comprehensive analysis of AG eschatological positions over the past century from three distinct voices within the AG community. First, it surveys the field of attitudes about AG eschatological positions within the field of Pentecostal academics by leading AG scholars. Second, it offers a historical analysis of the development of official AG statements on eschatology found in the statements of faith and approved position papers. Third, it provides a reception history of how eschatological doctrines were received and expressed by AG adherents in the Pentecostal Evangel, the official organ of the AG, from 1914–2005. In each of these voices, particular attention is given to how these expressions were shaped by the pneumatological beliefs, historical events, and the influence of dispensationalism. The work concludes by imagining the future of AG eschatology by integrating the various historical expressions of AG eschatology into a contemporary, yet contextual, set of eschatological doctrinal expressions to solidify the importance of the second coming of Christ for a new generation of Pentecostal believers.

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