Research Interests           

After completing my PhD in 2019, I have continued to do research in the area of Pentecostal history.  I have written several articles and presented at academic societies on early Pentecostalism and theology, social issues, and race.  I have also published recent articles on Oral Roberts and the history of Oral Roberts University.  For future research I am exploring the history of Pentecostalism in Oklahoma, Pentecostalism and Tulsa Race Massacre, and Pentecostal engagements with open theism.

In May 2019, I graduated from the Bangor University (UK) with a Ph.D. in Pentecostal & Charismatic Studies program under the supervision of Professor William K. Kay, D.D and John Christopher Thomas, PhD.  My topic was the “Origin, Development and Future of Assemblies of God Eschatology.”  This study adds to that conversation about Pentecostal Eschatology by looking at ways in which AG doctrine has or has not developed over the last 100 years. I focus on the primary sources in the periodical literature, the books published by GPH and the important scholarly works on eschatology.  My goal was to offer a future of AG eschatology for the 21st Century. This work will be published by ORU press in 2020.



2019-2019   Bangor University, Wales

PhD in Pentecostal Theology

Thesis title: “Origin, Development and Future of Assemblies of God Eschatology.”

2002-2007    Oral Roberts University

Master of Arts in Theological & Historical Studies

Thesis: “The Concept of One Baptism-One Filling in the Pentecostal Theology of Howard M. Ervin.”

1997-2000    Oral Roberts University

Bachelor of Arts in Theological & Historical Studies

Minor: Christian Philosophy

Senior Paper: “The Concept of Recapitulation in the Theology of Irenaeus”